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Supervision and Training


We offer clinical supervision to other HCPC registered practitioner psychologists and other professionals and teams seeking clinical supervision when working with children and adults experiencing mental health difficulties and those with psychological needs. We also offer clinical supervision to other professionals and clinicians to support their work in adapting approaches and ways of working so to meet the needs of neurodiverse children and adults. Please get in touch for more information about individual and group supervision including cost.

Training and Consultation

We offer a range of training and workshops to staff teams to support understanding of and skills in working with children, young people, and adults experiencing mental health difficulties, and those with psychological needs including attachment needs, trauma, and behavioural needs. We offer training to professionals working with children and adults with psychological needs including schools, care homes, community care staff teams, and healthcare teams, as well as offering training and workshops to workplaces and others seeking to develop their understanding of mental health, and as part of supporting staff wellbeing.

Training and workshops include topics such as Improving Psychological Wellbeing, Developing Self-Compassion and Acceptance, Understanding Behaviour that Challenges, and Understanding Autism. Bespoke training packages can be developed to meet the specific needs of staff teams.

We offer psychological consultation to staff teams to support their understanding and work with individuals who are experiencing mental health and psychological or behavioural difficulties, thinking about the individual’s needs and ways in which teams can support them. This may include consultation to support with specific issues including attachment-based needs, anxiety, self-injurious behaviour, and behaviour that challenges.

Please get in touch with us for more information about how we can help with training and consultation for you or your team.